Warming and exfoliating cranberry mask - reduces the first signs of aging


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THE + PRODUCT Pour 50ml of water over the 50g of powder then mix vigorously until you obtain a smooth and creamy paste. Apply immediately to the face, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 15 minutes then remove the mask in one piece. Precautions for use: In case of direct contact with the eye, rinse with water. Do not breathe dust. Do not ingest. Thanks to its high sugar content, the GlucoEmpreinte peel-off range is the ideal base for gentle care with a satiny and delicate touch. In contact with water, the ultra-fine powders of our GlucoEmpreinte peel-off masks gel thanks to their high content of marine alginate (a natural substance derived from brown algae). Thus, once applied to the skin, the mask provides a second skin and refreshing effect. Cranberry is the star ingredient of this mask. Antioxidant par excellence, it reduces the first signs of time and protects the skin against external aggressions. Its little extra It can be removed in one piece, without using water. Mask color: pinke

Detailed description

This 2-in-1 mask with the sweet scent of cranberries surprises with the smoothness and lightness of its texture. On contact with water, its self-heating and exfoliating action is triggered, thus gently eliminating impurities on the skin's surface. The skin is clear and regains all its softness.


Ingredients :

Grapeseed oil, white clay, cranberry extract


 Use :

Apply to damp skin, massaging in light circular movements to accompany the heating effect. Leave on for 10 minutes then rinse.


Precautions for use: Avoid the eye area. In case of direct contact with the eye, rinse with clear water.

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