Masque Peel-Off contour des yeux -Spécialement conçu pour illuminer le regard - ENTHEOS BEAUTY ENTHEOS BEAUTY ENTHEOS BEAUTY Masque Peel-Off contour des yeux -Spécialement conçu pour illuminer le regard Masque Peel-Off yeux ENTHEOS BEAUTY ENTHEOS BEAUTY Masque Peel-Off yeux Masque Peel-Off contour des yeux -Spécialement conçu pour illuminer le regard

Peel-Off eye contour mask -Specially designed to illuminate the eyes


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Eye contour peel-off mask

Peel-off masks are based on Alginate (a natural substance extracted from brown seaweed). No need to rinse, the mask comes off in one piece.

THE + PRODUCT In a bowl, pour 30ml of water at 20C over the 10g of powder, then mix vigorously until a smooth and creamy paste is obtained. Apply immediately to the eye contour. Leave on for 15 minutes then remove the mask in one piece. Precautions for use: Do not breathe dust. In case of direct contact with the eye, rinse with water. In contact with water, the ultra-fine powders of our peel-off masks gel thanks to their high content of marine alginate (a natural substance derived from brown algae). This mask for the eye contour has been specially designed to illuminate the eyes. Collagen plays an essential role in our skin. This is why the marine collagen, present at the heart of this formula, is an active ingredient of choice to give the skin a new youth and gently awaken the radiance of the eyes. Its little extra No need for water, it can be removed in one piece! !

Halal-certified (HQC)

Marine collagen A major component of the skin, collagen is responsible for maintaining and resisting it. Marine collagen, with a structure identical to that of the skin, has anti-aging and moisturizing properties. EYE CONTOUR PEEL-OFF MASK REF: H00014B Rice starch Derived from this cereal grown in hot and tropical regions, rice starch is an ancestral cosmetic ingredient. In addition to its properties on radiance, it provides texture to the mask and a soft touch. Rose perfume This sweet and flowery perfume captivates the senses and distills its elegant rose notes.

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